Free Sheet Music for Recorders

These songs complement the Nine-Note Recorder Method. Use these songs for extra practice or for taking home, if books do not go home. (Correlated to Nine-Note Method; the correlation is slightly different for the Quick version.)

Get on Board, part 3

Cowboy Jack, part 5

Whence, O Shepherd Maiden, part 5

El Ruquet Valent and W’au Saw the 42nd, part 5

Peter Gray, part 6

Farewell to Nova Scotia, part 6

Little Jack Horner, part 7

Afrika, part 8

Foggy, Foggy Dew, part 8

Ubi Caritas and She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, parts 8 and 9

Red River Valley, part 9

Bendemeer’s Stream, part 9

Gypsy Rover, part 9

Mi Y’Malel, part 9

Nigerian Melody, part 9

Down Among the Cane-brakes, part 10

My Grandfather’s Clock, part 10

Hava Nashirah, part 10

Oshana, Shira Oshana, part 10

Sing Your Home Home, part 10

Some Folks, part 10

The Drummers, part 10

Was My Brother in the Battle, part 10

Grumbling Old Men and Women, part 10 (syncopation in harmony)

La Grande Chaine, part 10 (syncopation in harmony)

Arkansas Traveler, bonus

Blue-Tail Fly, bonus

Cockles and Mussels, bonus

The Glendy Burk, bonus (syncopation in melody)

Harder round for 3 soprano recorders, use with Beyond Nine-Note Recorder Method:

Che Gusto

Lastly, an old-time public domain song for piano and voice. This was often sung as a lullaby, but would make a good Mother’s Day song. This beloved song of the past century is sometimes requested specifically for a funeral.

Oh, I Had Such a Pretty Dream, Mama

This 48-page packet of modern, popular songs is arranged for recorder trio. This packet is free with purchase of any item on this website. Please email me a note after you place an order, letting me know that you do not yet have this file and would like to receive it.