Nine-Note Bass Method: Contents

It is assumed that you have learned alto recorder before learning bass. Both are F instruments, using the same fingering system. The bass method covers the material in both the beginning and intermediate alto books, but less thoroughly since you are mainly learning to read bass clef.

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I just started using your instruction book for the bass recorder. Very basic! EXACTLY what I needed! I play the tenor recorder and I really get confused jumping for the G clef to the Bass clef  to play the second instrument. Your book is wonderful in assisting me with this chore.

I was “self teaching” the bass and your structured program is forcing me to think, with repetition, about what I’m doing. Self teaching, by playing tunes, is not repetitive enough to ingrain the notes.

What a bargain! I looked all over the Internet for a book on learning the bass recorder. A friend of mine told me about you. So glad he did.
–Steve R., TN