Handling 3- and 4-page songs

Use a 3-hole punch on the center pages. Cut down some of the margin on the outer page or pages so that when you tape the pages to the center pages of the song, they will clear the binder rings. Use a sturdy folder (or make your own for free from cereal boxes and packing tape) in the front and back of the 3-ring binder. Attach a string to keep each folder at an angle for easier viewing, instead of splayed out widely. You may keep the folders closed if not playing the 3 or 4 page pieces. See the photos below for clarification. My binder is white, the heavy-duty folders are black, and the strings are yellow.

Folder at front of binder with a string that keeps it open at an angle, instead of flat, to keep the music in easy view.
View of binder with the folder flap closed. The edge of the folder is reinforced with packing tape. This is several years old and works great.
View with folder flaps extended. The yellow strings are barely visible near the top. Music is not yet spread out onto the flaps.
View of a 4-page spread of music supported by the fold-out flaps. The music is more curved than it appears in the photo, which makes it easier to read.

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