Virtual Instruction Program

The Virtual Instruction Program for the Nine-Note Recorder Method (2018 edition) is a welcome resource for anyone who is struggling to learn to play recorder or for parents who wish to have their children learn without much help. The first section, covering Parts 1-4 (which is also the Five-Note Recorder Method), will be available on March 1 for $10. This is a multi-media PowerPoint presentation divided into 9 lessons with a few additional resources in PDF format.

The second module, containing Lessons 10-33, covers the remainder of the Nine-Note Recorder Method. It will be available in April for an additional $20. A PayPal button will be available when product is ready.

The Virtual Instruction Program is only available to those who own or are purchasing the Nine-Note Recorder Method. It requires the music book as it is not a stand-alone product. The Virtual Instruction Program is a bargain at less than $1 per lesson. You may replay the lessons as needed, reusing the program as younger children in your family become ready.

Recorder Music Lessons