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Orff Schulwerk friendly recorder method

The material on this site was developed by a teacher for both the music specialist and for the classroom teacher with little or no music experience. The Nine-Note Recorder Method, a comprehensive book providing a full year of music instruction at the elementary level.

Many songs include lyrics for well-rounded music instruction. This 20th anniversary edition includes simple accompaniments on glockenspiel, xylophone, or resonator bells.

Schools, universities, and groups may request a free review copy.

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The Teacher Lesson Plan Manual contains 35 lesson plans, meeting National Standards for K-6 Music Education. Bound, 50 pages with a 62-page unbound Appendix of resources. Free with classroom order.

Some schools schedule a short unit for learning to play recorder. In that instance, purchase the Five-Note Recorder Method, which is specifically designed to be used for an 8- to 15-week course. Then you save money by paying for what you can use. Another advantage: If you offer a continuing recorder club to serious students, this flows seamlessly into the complete program, Nine-Note Recorder Method.

Orff Schulwerk friendly recorder method, elementary music curriculum 978-0-9778903-7-8

Orff Schulwerk friendly recorder method, elementary music curriculum 978-0-9778903-6-1

soprano recorder for elementary music instruction

For bulk purchases of soprano (or alto) recorders, I recommend the baroque Angel soprano recorder in a blue case from Peripole. It is an excellent instrument at an affordable price.

intermediate music book for soprano or tenor recorderUpper elementary grades may continue learning soprano recorder using the intermediate, Beyond the Nine-Note Method.

Junior high schools could offer an alto recorder class with the ALTO Edition of the Nine-Note Recorder Method. Playing recorder can be less stressful to students going through physical changes than chorus. Older students often prefer learning alto recorder; it seems a more grown-up choice than soprano.alto recorder instruction music book

High schools may offer a recorder ensemble for fine arts credit. Soprano and tenor recorders use the same fingering so transitioning to tenor is as simple as stretching fingers to cover holes of a tenor. Alto players easily learn bass with the Nine-Note Recorder Method for Bass Recorder. Then play consort music available in beginning (correlated to Nine-Note) and intermediate (correlated to Beyond) volumes.

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learn bass recorder

recorder consort music SATB using 9 easiest note

intermediate consort music for SATB recorders

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