Beyond Nine-Note for ALTO: Contents

Learn the rest of the notes on ALTO or sopranino recorder with the intermediate book, Beyond the Nine-Note Method: ALTO Edition.
intermediate recorder method for alto or sopranino

intermediate music for alto or sopranino recorder

intermediate music book for alto or sopranino recorder

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All method books come with a free exercise booklet. Here is one customer’s comments:

“The exercises are awesome. I broke through a learning block with them.  Thanks to the use of the included additional exercises for alto recorder, my finger dexterity has greatly improved, and much of what I call “stuttering” has gone away on my left hand.  I have a tendency to speed through the several pieces in the method book (I already know how to pay this note…).The exercises are important because they help me to discover and eliminate my hubris, and the flaws or lessons, as I like to call them.   This new-found knowledge improves my experience when I successively review the method book.  So for me the exercises and the method book are integral.  They help me get to the next level.”

Brian F, NY