Alto & Sopranino Recorder Method

Nine-Note Method for Alto or Sopranino RecorderThe Alto Edition of the Nine-Note Recorder Method is a comprehensive beginning book (a printable PDF) for learning alto or sopranino recorder. These are both F instruments, meaning F is the lowest note that can be played. Alto and sopranino (and bass) recorders have the same fingering, but this F fingering is different from the fingering of the C recorders, soprano and tenor.

Sopranino is ideal for the young child who wants to learn recorder but whose hands are too small to manage a soprano recorder.

Alto recorder is an octave lower than the sopranino and has a very pleasant sound. Alto recorder is often the top choice for adults.

Learning alto recorder makes a good alternative general music course for the middle school or junior high years.

147 songs with over 50 duets or rounds using the 9 easiest notes to play on alto or sopranino. 74 pages. Printable PDF.

See Table of Contents and a sample page from the Nine-Note Recorder Method for Alto or Sopranino.
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Learn 12 more notes on alto or sopranino recorder by purchasing Beyond the Nine-Note Recorder Method: Alto Edition. This intermediate book is filled with duets for two altos. If you play alone, play the melody on the top line. 109 songs with nearly 70 duets, trios, or rounds; 74 pages; printable PDF. See table of contents and a sample page.

intermediate book for alto or sopranino recorder

Once you know the F fingering system, you could learn to play bass recorder, though this recorder is more expensive. Bass is an octave lower than alto and requires reading bass clef. The Nine-Note Method for Bass goes faster, assuming that you first learned alto, and has both the Nine-Note and the Beyond the Nine-Note material combined in one book. 120 songs, including 30 duets or rounds; 53 pages; printable PDF. See the table of contents and a sample page.

learn to play bass recorder

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