Music Education: Recorders

The material on this site was developed by a teacher for both classroom teachers, with little or no music experience, and for the music specialist. This item is a self-standing book so music stands are not necessary. Schools, universities, and groups may request a free review copy.

Free items that come with a classroom order:
-Set of classroom fingering charts to print and display
-Reproducible Exercise Booklet
-Lesson Plan Booklet with simple Winter Concert pieces
-Rubric for assessing progress
-Worksheet to assess notes and fingerings
-Available in choice of two covers; please specify when you order


Recorders are traditionally played with other recorders or consort instruments and/or rhythm instruments. So piano accompaniment is not provided or encouraged. Instead, engage students in creating their own ways of making the music more interesting. Some ideas: play an intro on percussion; sing a verse; play in unison first and then as a round or duet with percussion; play a simple ostinato on xylophone or glockenspiel; create accompaniment on autoharp, dulcimer, or ukulele.


For bulk purchases of soprano (or alto) recorders, I recommend the baroque Angel soprano recorder in a blue case from Peripole. It is an excellent instrument at an affordable price.

High schools could consider starting a recorder ensemble for fine arts credit. Junior highs could consider an alto recorder class and perform SA and AA duets and trios using the music available from this site.


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