Five-Note Recorder Method


Music for 8-12-Week Recorder Unit Over 50 songs: 2 rounds and 4 duets

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The Five-Note Recorder Method, with its limited scope of 5 notes and simplest rhythms, is the ideal music curriculum for an 8- to 12-week recorder course. The large print and easy-to-read standard notation invites students to learn to read music. Arrangements include accompaniment for glockenspiel, xylophone, or resonator bells. Over 50 songs, including 2 rounds, 4 duets, and 15 non-Western songs to develop mastery, promote music literacy, and ensemble playing. 18 pages with traditional staple binding. Hear every song in this book.
Teacher Lesson Plan Manual available. (See below)

Five-Note Recorder Method is an extraction of the first 4 sections fromĀ Nine-Note Recorder Method. Use this shortened edition if limited on time. A recorder club for serious students may continue learning by using the full version Nine-Note Recorder Method.

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Lesson Plan Manual for Five-Note Recorder Method

Teacher Manual for Five-Note Recorder Method contains 12 lesson plans, meeting National Standards for K-6 Music Education. Builds music literacy by creating, performing, and responding. Student-center music-making and self-evaluation. These lesson plans promote music literacy, mastery, and ensemble-playing while saving the teacher time and work. Bound, 22 pages. Appendix (unbound, shrink-wrapped, 30 pages, 8.5 x 11) includes: posters; fingering exercises; reproducible bonus songs for Winter Concert; worksheets; sight-reading and rubric for assessment, and full-size fingering chart for each note.

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Digital bundle of Five-Note Recorder Method music book and teacher lesson plan manual with appendix. Reproducing rights for one teacher with payment. PDF will be manually emailed withing 12 hours. $40